mercoledì 16 novembre 2011


As I promised, here are some shots I took at Hallowood party in Milan. 
This party is one of the coolest during Halloween time! It's thrown (in part) by Fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura and it became a yearly event in Milan.

When Giampaolo personally invited me I was quite flattered, and since I had heard of this party many times before, I knew everybody would have taken the matter of the costume-code very seriously.

This year the theme of the party was "MYTHOLOGY" . After a hard time trying to choose the right costume, I went for some kind of "Ares look" that turned to be ACHILLE to everybody else haha!

After a couple of phone calls to Swide we pieced together our look complete with a couple of special items from Dolce&Gabbana...

When we entered, the mix of glorious mythological costumes created blissful confusion as to who lay beyond the mask. A guessing game ensued; who was who? who was what?...
All the photos without the "Andrea Ravieli THEBLOG" Tag are not by me!!

Lilian and I 

In the middle, Riccardo Tisci and Giampaolo Sgura

Francesco Scognamiglio 

Sara Battaglia

Greta Arienti 

Giampaolo Sgura and Stefano Gabbana

Chris from Chris&Chris

Luca Finotti 

Giorgia Tordini 

Stefano Gabbana and I